TurnsPro have teamed up with Adaptalux to bring you a DIY product turntable.  This will allow you to create 360 degree product videos in only 10 mins.

What you will need:

  1. TurnsPro – Time Lapse Camera Mount  – the rotation for the turn table
  2. Adaptalux – Lighting Studio – different coloured lighting
  3. Cardboard – to act as the DIY turntable
  4. A3 white paper – the a white background for your product videos
  5. A round object e.g. CD – to act as a template to make your turntable circular
  6. Selotape
  7. Glue
  8. Scissors

How to make the product turntable:

TurnsPro will be used as the base for the product turntable and should be either mounted on a tripod or placed onto a table.

The video demonstrates how to use a piece of cardboard stuck onto the black disk as the base of the turntable.  However, you can actually mount any surface you want to the black disk.  We also showed an example of using slate.

Once the the turntable base is secured, set the rotation speed on the TurnsPro to be 20 seconds on infinite rotations.  This speed can be altered to be anything from 20 seconds per rotation to 10 hours per rotation.   To learn how to set the TurnsPro see this instruction video.

Set up the Adaptalux lighting studio to give the lighting conditions you want.  Ensure your product is placed in the center of the turntable otherwise the video will look wrong when you come to edit it.

Finally, setup the camera and start filming your product.  Easy!