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Unique Gifts for Him – The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide

Holidays are coming and it’s always hard to find something different to buy the gadget lover, DIY master and general all round handy man in the family. They’ve got the GoPro, the remote controlled helicopter, the useless glasses with lights built in, so what to get them this year?

Check out our Ultimate Unique Gifts for Him 2017 Gift Guide. 

1. TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera Mount (£69)

Use a GoPro and TurnsPro









A unique rotating camera mount for GoPros, smartphones and small DSLRs. TurnsPro lets you rotate your camera around 360 degrees to create panning time-lapse videos. UK designed and built, it’s an awesome present for any photography lovers and GoPro enthusiasts.

2. Sugru Mouldable Glue (£9.24)










Fix, bodge and improve with this mouldable glue that cures to be a flexible rubber. Perfect for reinforcing cables, adding heatproof handles to things and even fixing car radiators.

3. Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife (£29.99)










If they haven’t already got one in their pocket, every man needs a Swiss Army Knife. The Huntsman combines the essential wine and beer opening tools with the useful fire wood saw and knife for all your outdoor needs.

4. Bare Conductive Electric Paint (£7.47)






Something a little different and a bit easier than soldering. Simply paint on to create a conductive circuit!

5. ARC Fish Dehooker (£41.21)









A must have for any fishing enthusiast. Simply hold the fishing line tight, drag the dehooker along the line to the hook and give the fish a shake. Easy dehooking without the smelly fish fingers. Add a personal touch and make your own out of a wire coat hanger!

6. Grow your own beer garden – Hops plant kit (£6.50)










One for the gardener and beer lover. This grow your own hops kit is perfect for UK climates and if you manage to master your brewing skills, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in a tasty pint.

7. Two Person Parachute Hammock (£9.49)










Everyone needs a hammock in their life and this light weight two person hammock is perfect for camping or in the back garden.

8. Edd China Work Gloves (£11.94)










We all love Edd from Wheeler Dealers, and you too can now own his famous orange gloves. Perfect for odd jobs around the house or more serious DIY mechanics. A unique gift for any grease junkie.

9. Spirit Level Cufflinks (£2.99)










We all have to dress up occasionally so why not make your cufflinks useful.

10. Mo Bro’s Grooming Kit £9.99










Any man with a beard needs to give it a groom once in a while. Beard balm, moustache wax and the comb in this little kit will keep everything in trim.

Unique Gifts for Him – The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide
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