Timelapse Hints and Tips

Here you will find our hints, tips, techniques for how to use TurnsPro.  If you think of a new way of using it that we haven’t discovered yet, then please post the idea on our forum.  Or if you can think of a way of improving it, we are keen to hear from you.  We have lots of ideas for the future which we will release as and when they are ready on our blog page.

We have a few ideas for anyone creating time-lapse videos with your DSLR, android mobile phone , Iphone, or your GoPro. We explore some of the types of software which can be used to process the photos or videos you create in order to make stunning time-lapse films.

If you use another type of action camera, let us know through our forum and we will do our best to create a how to video for your type of action cam.

 How to make a timelapse using TurnsPro

  1. Find a location for filming your time lapse photo or time lapse video

  2. Attach your camera to the TurnsPro® Camera using 1/4 inch 20 UNC thread (the standard thread used on most photography equipment)

    • For professional photography equipment a 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch converter is required (not supplied)

    • For mobile phones use our supplied smartphone holder which comes with your TurnsPro

    • For a GoPro a threaded mount is required

  3. Ensure TurnsPro® and your camera is stable.  With small digital cameras e.g a GoPro, TurnsPro® can be placed on a flat surface and will be stable.  With larger digital cameras, DSLRs or when on an uneven surface, we recommend using TurnsPro® on a tripod or monopod to ensure stability.

  4. Set the time lapse duration, speed and direction using the user friendly interface.  The time lapse can range from 20 seconds per rotation to 10 hours per rotation.

  5. Take amazing time lapse footage

The uses for TurnsPro® are only limited by your imagination.  Check out our videos for potential applications for TurnsPro® and start making a timelapse movie today!

How to set up TurnsPro

How to use a GoPro with a TurnsPro

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