How to time-lapse with Iphone

The latest Iphone models and software updates all include Iphone time-lapse mode as standard within the camera function.  To use this with TurnsPro, screw the mobile phone clip down onto TurnsPro.  Slide in your Iphone, ensuring it is not going to slip out or move during rotation.  Once it is secure and on a level horizontal surface, you can set TurnsPro whatever timescales you want.  Before you press the final button to rotate on TurnsPro, set the Iphone time-lapse going by pressing the red button, then set the TurnsPro going.  Timelapse mode can be found by swiping your finger to the right while in photo mode.  Ensure you click the screen to focus on your subject.  The focus MUST BE LOCKED, otherwise you will get a weird ‘jello’ effect in your video, where the camera continually tries to refocus.  You can also increase or decrease the brightness by swiping up or down on the screen.  We recommend that you also lock the focus by pressing and holding down on the screen.  This prevents your Iphone from re-focussing whilst panning.

Your Iphone will automatically capture a photo every few seconds.  Once you have finished, press the red button again and the Iphone will automatically convert the series of images into an Iphone time-lapse video.    You can find your new video in the timelapse album.

Share this with your friends and family straight away to let everyone see your new creation.

If you want gain more control over the length of time between photos, the exposure, the focus, or any other setting, you will need to download a dedicated app.  Here are some example time-lapse apps you can use.

Create panning timelapse videos using your Iphone and TurnsPro.