GoPro timelapse

TurnsPro® can be used with your GoPro to make time lapse GoPro videos.  Many people use egg timers to produce this effect.  The issue we have with a GoPro on an egg timer is that the rotation speed is fixed and the rotation is only in one direction, they can also be unstable.

Using TurnsPro® to get your GoPro timelapse shots gives you flexibility over the rotation direction and speed and excellent stability when used with a tripod.  This is particularly useful with the GoPro Hero 4 in time lapse mode, where photos can be taken over a number of hours.  TurnsPro® is the best way to make time lapse with GoPro.

So ditch using your egg timer GoPro mount and buy a TurnsPro®!

In order to use your GoPro® with TurnsPro® you will need to buy the GoPro Tripod Mount.