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GoPro timelapse

TurnsPro® can be used with your GoPro to make time lapse GoPro videos.  Many people use egg timers to produce this effect.  The issue we have with a GoPro on an egg timer is that the rotation speed is fixed and the rotation is only in one direction, they can also be unstable.

Using TurnsPro® to get your GoPro timelapse shots gives you flexibility over the rotation direction and speed and excellent stability when used with a tripod.  This is particularly useful with the GoPro Hero 4 in time lapse mode, where photos can be taken over a number of hours.  TurnsPro® is the best way to make time lapse with GoPro.

So ditch using your egg timer GoPro mount and buy a TurnsPro®!

In order to use your GoPro® with TurnsPro® you will need to buy the GoPro Tripod Mount.

Editing GoPro videos

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A simple to use free tool for video editing is available from GoPro called GoPro studio.  Simply plug your GoPro into your computer and follow the instructions to import your video into GoPro studio.

To create the timelapse effect you need to increase the speed of your footage.  Keep adjusting the speed until the timelapse looks smooth.  Adjust the lighting and contrast to make your video look as good as possible.  Export the video and enjoy your new rotating GoPro timelapse video.

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GoPro timelapse
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