Night Photography

Night photography has never been so easy with TurnsPro®.  Attach your camera to TurnsPro® and rotate the camera slowly to capture images of the stars as the earth rotates.  In order to do this, you must have a camera which you can set the exposure time.  Most DSLR cameras are capable of doing this type of long exposure.  These night photos can then be stitched together to create rotating night time lapse videos.

TurnsPro® is a must have camera mount for anyone who is looking to get into night photography, or for established professional photographers who want to give that new dimension to their videos.

Night time photography is a form of time delay / time lapse photography. Set TurnsPro to a very slow rotation and attach your DSLR with cable release / intervalometer.  The camera needs to be stable, so we suggest attaching TurnsPro to a tripod.  Set the exposure time and you are done.  TurnsPro will rotate your camera throughout the night while your camera takes night sky photos.

This astrophotography technique can be used to photograph star trails all night.

Remember, TurnsPro® has a backlit screen to it is easy to set up in the dark.

Photography at night should be tried by everyone!