TurnsPro an overview

TurnsPro is a time lapse camera mount which allows you to rotate your camera anywhere from 20 seconds to 10 hours. It has a standard ¼ inch 20 UNC camera thread in the base allowing you to screw TurnsPro onto a tripod. On the top there is also a standard camera thread so you can mount most Iphones, android phones using our supplied mobile phone clip.  It will take a DSLR up to 1Kg in weight and rotate this around a horizontal axis.  It will only rotate a camera of 0.25Kg around a vertical axis.

It has a battery life of over 10 hours using 4 x AA batteries.  It has a clear LCD screen which is easily visible in any brightness, or if used at night, will light up in blue.

When using it, screw the camera down onto the black flat nut while holding it, ensure it is tight then set TurnsPro to rotate or pan back and forth over what ever time you want.



TurnsPro instructions

TurnsPro instruction manual



We are in the process of creating an instruction video, and will upload this once it is ready.  In the mean time, see our Kickstarter page for an overview of the product, or see our instruction manual here