TurnsPro FAQ

Product Information

  1. How long do the batteries last on TurnsPro? – With 4 fully charged AA batteries, TurnsPro will last for over 10 hours.
  2. Can I use rechargable batteries with TurnsPro? – Yes, you can use rechargeable AA batteries with TurnsPro.
  3. I have a DSLR with lens which is over 1Kg, can I use this with TurnsPro? – No, TurnsPro is only rated to 1Kg.  We are developing TurnsPro 2 which will be able to provide this functionality in the future.
  4. Can you go clockwise and anti-clockwise? – Yes, you can set either a clockwise or anticlockwise rotation
  5. Does it trigger my DSLR? – No, it doesn’t trigger your DSLR.  TurnsPro provides a continuous smooth movement with no triggering.  If you want to trigger your camera, you will need a separate inervalometer.
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