TurnsPro FAQ

Product Information

  1. How long do the batteries last on TurnsPro? – With 4 fully charged AA batteries, TurnsPro will last for over 10 hours.
  2. Can I use rechargable batteries with TurnsPro? – Yes, you can use rechargeable AA batteries with TurnsPro.
  3. I have a DSLR with lens which is over 1Kg, can I use this with TurnsPro? – No, TurnsPro is only rated to 1Kg.  We are developing TurnsPro 2 which will be able to provide this functionality in the future.
  4. Can you go clockwise and anti-clockwise? – Yes, you can set either a clockwise or anticlockwise rotation
  5. Does it trigger my DSLR? – No, it doesn’t trigger your DSLR.  TurnsPro provides a continuous smooth movement with no triggering.  If you want to trigger your camera, you will need a separate inervalometer.
  6. Does TurnsPro perform move, shoot, move timelapse? No, not yet.  We are currently developing TurnsPro 2, with an APP to provide this functionality.
  7. Where can I buy TurnsPro? – You can buy TurnsPro directly from this website at www.turnspro.com/shop, or from Amazon and Ebay.
  8. Is there a TurnsPro user manual, or instructional video? – Yes, the TurnsPro user manual is available here  and a How To Use TurnsPro video is available here

Problems with use

  1. My TurnsPro is turning on, but switching off after a short time, what is wrong?  – Please ensure that all of your batteries are at the same level.  Sometimes if one of the batteries is almost dead and the others are full, this can cause this issue.  If you try fresh batteries and the problem continues, please contact us via sales@turnspro.com
  2. I am having problems attaching my TurnsPro to my tripod head. – With some tripod heads, you will not be able to screw TurnsPro straight down on top as you do not get enough thread engagement.  If this happens with your tripod, please take the tripod plate off, screw the plate into TurnsPro, then reattach the plate to the tripod.
  3. My TurnsPro footage is jerky / my TurnsPro footage is not smooth, what can I do about this? -There are a number of potential solutions to solve your TurnsPro jerkiness issue:
    1. If you are using your TurnPro outside in high winds, sometimes your camera will be moved slightly by the wind.  This will give the effect that your footage is not smooth.  Try to keep your camera in a sheltered spot where possible and ensure you use a sturdy tripod.
    2. Check your rendering settings when you process your videos.  If you shoot in video mode with your camera and speed the footage up.  If your TurnsPro footage is jerky, this can be caused by rendering at the wrong frame rate.  For example, if you record using a GoPro at 30 FPS (frames per second), but then render your final production video at 24 FPS, this can sometimes cause issues with rendering, leaving your footage jerky.
    3. Check that the weight of your camera is not above 1kg.  TurnsPro can be used with a 1Kg camera on a horizontal axis and 0.25Kg camera when mounted sideways.  If trying to rotate a camera above 0.25Kg when not horizontal, this may cause TurnsPro not to function properly.
    4. Check that your batteries are all charged, if one battery is a lot lower than the other, then this can affect the performance of your TurnsPro.
    5. If the stainless steel threaded parts on the top of the TurnsPro has been accidentally knocked / pushed down hard, this can cause excess friction within the motor which can cause a jerky movement (it can also make your TurnsPro sound louder than usual).  To resolve this, twist and gently pull the black nut in a clockwise direction, to raise the stainless steel threaded part by 1mm.  This will reduce the internal friction.
    6. If you have checked all of the above, then you may have a faulty motor, please contact us at sales@turnspro.com
  4. I don’t understand the interface – When starting out, we recommend looking at the internal packaging flow diagram which will take you through using your TurnsPro in degrees mode and turns mode.

Shipping / Postage

  1. My country does not seem to be listed in the shipping locations.  Can you ship it to me?  – TurnsPro is currently only available in EU, USA, Canada and Australia.  We are working hard to ensure we are compliant with more countries regulations before allowing shipment to these countries.  The next countries which we are looking to be able to ship to are: Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea and India.  If you would like us to be able to ship to you, please get in contact with us via sales@turnspro.com
  2. My TurnsPro has not arrived, what shall I do? Please be patient, sometimes they can take longer than expected to arrive.  Please visit www.turnspro.com/shop to see the typical shipping times.  If your TurnsPro has not arrived by the end of that time, please contact us via sales@turnspro.com
  3. Can you provide tracking information for my TurnsPro? No, sorry we d