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TurnsPro | Time Lapse Camera Mount

TurnsPro® | Time Lapse Camera Mount is the latest innovation from UK-based startup TurnsPro. The mount has a rotating head which enables you to rotate and spin your camera through 360 degrees to create unique time-lapse videos, smooth panoramic photos and amazing panoselfies.  The time lapse camera mount is completely customisable allowing to you pan your camera over a time, speed and direction (clockwise and anticlockwise) set by you.

Key Features

  • Rotating camera mount for GoPro, compact cameras, small DSLRs and smartphones.
  • Select rotation angle, speed and direction.
  • Comes with smartphone clip and TurnsPro box.
  • Can also be used with GoPro adapter or ball head mount (available in our shop)
  • Made in the UK.

TurnsPro® is simple to set up and use and is the easiest way to create panning time lapse movies.

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Introducing TurnsPro

This shows some of the key uses of TurnsPro – Time Lapse Camera Mount.  Use it with DSLR (less than 1 kg), GoPro and smartphones.


Buy our products

We have got a range of products available depending what motion you like to add to your videos.  If you are just looking for rotating / panning movement, then the TurnsPro – Time Lapse Camera Mount is for you.  For sliding / linear movement, see our Motorised Slider Bundle.  By combining these products together, you can produce a full 3 axis of movement – sliding, panning and tilting.

Buy TurnsPro for £79.90 (No VAT – Not VAT registered).

Buy Motorised slider bundle for £293 (No VAT).

Buy TurnsPro : Slider Edition plus Motorised Slider Adaptor Kit for £144.99 (No VAT).

Buy Motorised Slider Adaptor Kit only for £69.99 (No VAT).

TurnsPro example videos

These are examples of panning timelapse videos filmed using a GoPro and a TurnsPro.

Share your videos with us, join the TurnsPro community.

TurnsPro review video

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at this TurnsPro review video to see what others think.

Latest stories and videos

In July 2018 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. All the products from this Kickstarter are now available to purchase.  Take a look at our blog to find out more.


TurnsPro is so versatile it can be used with DSLRs, mobile phones, action camera or compact camera

Detail Specifications

Full rotation times from 20 sec to 10 hours
DSLR weights up to 1Kg (on horizontal)
Click here to find out more

TurnsPro with Mobile Phone

Want to timelapse with your mobile phone?

See our mobile phone clip

With our supplied mobile phone holder, you can use any smartphone app to take panning timelapse videos with your mobile

TurnsPro with DSLR or compact camera

Panning timelapse with DSRL made easy

Panning timelapse with DSLR

TurnsPro can will pan any DSLRup to 1Kg in weight on the horizontal axis. It will only rotate cameras up to 250 grams in the vertical axis.

GoPro timelapse

Add a new shot to your GoPro videos

Make a panning timelapse with any action camera

Don’t use an egg timer for your panning GoPro timelapse, always use a TurnsPro

Latest News

Follow us on Twitter for all of our latest news and videos.  Check out our blog posts for more in depth information about TurnsPro.

New to timelapse? See our Techniques and Tips page

We want to give you as much information as possible about how to use TurnsPro.  If you are a DSLR user, mobile phone user, GoPro user, or compact camera user  we want you to take the best panning timelapse videos you can.  Our forum has information from our users about how they have used TurnsPro.