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How to time-lapse with android

You may be in luck, with your Android all set up and ready to start filming your very own Time-lapse videos. Just check your Camera app to see if the feature is available, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and LG G4 have this capability.

If your smartphone does not come with this feature then you just need to take an additional step and install a third party app to start making professional android timelapse videos.

A few that we have come across which are compatible with producing time-lapse recordings on an Android smartphone are:

Lapse It

Lapse it is reported to be one of the best time-lapse apps for the Android. Lapse It allows you to import existing videos or to capture completely new footage. Its latest version, 4.7 now allows you to access other apps while you’re still recording through its background mode. This app has all the settings you need to get your time-lapse videos looking just how you want!


For complete user simplicity this app has a lot to offer. Simply chose the image resolution and the picture interval that you want for your time-lapse video and you are ready to go. The app shows just three buttons on its capture screen for start, pause and stop. You really can’t go wrong! Once you have captured your video, an encoding page will prompt you to choose your frame rate and your finished product will be created. If simplicity works for you, this is the app to add to your Android.

Frame Lapse

Frame Lapse can produce time-lapse videos on your Android for free, or if you like the set up the app, you can purchase additional features by upgrading to the Pro version or by accessing in app purchases. There are additional features of a self-timer, white balance and exposure adjustments. For this app the capture screen functions as the main screen for the app and all modes and settings act as extensions of this screen.


Once you are set up with the app of your choice, simply attach your Android smartphone to your TurnsPro device. 360 degree time-lapse videos will then be at your fingertips.


How to time-lapse with Android
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