How to motorize a slider

Running throughout June 2018 is our Kickstarter campaign which has a set of products which allows you to motorize almost any slider.  Take a look at our campaign video to see if we can provide what you need.

Once the Kickstarter campaign has finished, we will post a ‘How to setup a slider’ video.

How it works

This kit allows you to motorise your slider.  It will work with most common sliders.  The Slider Edition TurnsPro acts as the slider motor and the timing belt attaches to the slider carriage to smoothly move the camera along the slider.

There are three products available:

  1. Motorised slider adaptor kit.  –  This is used if you already own a TurnsPro and would like to motorize a slider using it.
  2. Slider Edition TurnsPro. – This upgraded TurnsPro is design for use with sliders of varying lengths.
  3. 80 cm carbon fibre slider.  – This is a perfect sized slider for most applications.  It is strong and robust.