Panoramic Photo – The easy way with TurnsPro

Most smartphones now have got panoramic photo mode built in as standard functionality. Some compact cameras even have it, where you take several photos and the camera stitches the image together.

The issue some people have when doing this holding the camera stable and panning smoothly.  If you do not rotate the camera smoothly or in the same direction, you can get blurred vertical lines appearing or areas of black at the edges of the panoramic photo.

With TurnsPro this problem is eliminated.  Set up your TurnsPro on a flat surface or tri-pod, then simply screw your camera / mobile phone (with our supplied mobile phone holder) down onto the standard thread, set the rotation speed for 20 seconds on TurnsPro, press go on your camera and go on your TurnsPro and it will rotate your camera.  This will capture a perfectly level and smooth panoramic photo every time.  If you are unsure how to set up TurnsPro – check out our how to set up TurnsPro page.

Another cool effect is if you take a series of photos throughout the day at different angles.  For example you could follow the sun as it goes from sunrise to sunset.  To do this you will need an intervalometer and a DSLR.  Timing is critical for this type of panoramic.  You need to track the sun throughout the day so it is always in the center of the picture.  Once you have taken several photos throughout the day, you will need to stitch them together in a program like Photoshop.  Many programs allow you to easily stitch a panoramic photo together, but we found that Photoshop works the best.


We have recently discovered you can also do a ‘panoselfie’.  This is where you hold TurnsPro in front of you with your smart phone on top.  Set it to panoramic mode and set TurnsPro to do a single turn in 20 seconds.  This way you don’t just get yourself in the panoramic photo, you also get the scenery around you.  TurnsPro is the only easy way you can get this effect.  Just be sure to hold TurnsPro stable, or set it on a flat surface / tripod.