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DIY 360 degree product turntable

TurnsPro have teamed up with Adaptalux to bring you a DIY product turntable.  This will allow you to create 360 degree product videos in only 10 mins. What you will need: TurnsPro - Time Lapse Camera Mount  - the rotation for the turn table Adaptalux - Lighting Studio - different coloured lighting Cardboard - to act as the [...]

GoPro alternative by Action Camera

The Action Camera range offers high quality and versatile sports cameras, accessories and mounts that easily allow you to capture any moment. Each camera has been manufactured and tested to the highest standard to ensure your breath taking moments are never forgotten, seeing is believing. The Action Camera team are devoted and thrive to deliver [...]

Timelapse in Perth, Australia – using TurnsPro

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn4Pv1ns9ZQ Timelapse in Perth in Western Australia Perth is a beautiful city, located on the South West coast of Australia.  The city and surrounding area offers a wide range of sights for visitors, including white sand beaches, vineyards and gardens. The TurnsPro team took a tour around Perth, initially [...]

TurnsPro for Sale now

TurnsPro for sale TurnsPro is now for sale!  5 months after successfully being funded through a Kickstarter project there are TurnsPro for sale on our website.  The three members of the TurnsPro team have been through an incredible journey which started almost 3 years ago. From an idea which started over one lunch time, we [...]

TurnsPro timelapse community 1

This is a short video from Richard Clarke - TurnsPro M62 Little House on the Prairie Testimonial: "First trip out with the TurnsPro, a fantastic piece of kit" Please share your links to your videos via our contact page or via email to sales@turnspro.com

TurnsPro timelapse community

A great short panning timelapse sequence from Chris Williams who took his TurnsPro to North wales. Please share your links to your videos via our contact page or via email to sales@turnspro.com

Panning time-lapse – Holiday in France

Panning time-lapse TurnsPro took a trip to Paris.  This was a panning time-lapse we took in front of the Hotel de Ville. This sequence took place over 15 mins and involved taking very small steps slowly back and forth.  The effect is that the people seem to glide across the ground, whilst all around the [...]

What is TurnsPro?

TurnsPro panning mount Timelapse device TurnsPro is a timelapse device for creating panning /360 rotating timelapse videos and photos.  It will pan your camera from 20 seconds to 10 hours.  For a full overview of TurnsPro see our overview page. The perfect 360 selfie mount!. There are several other timelapse devices available but none [...]

Perfect Panoramic Photos with TurnsPro

Perfect Panoramic Photos Croatia panorama Take perfect panoramic photos every time using TurnsPro.  If you want to get a panoramic with either your smartphone or your normal camera, just attach it to TurnsPro on a stable platform.  Set the duration to 20 seconds for one rotation (the quickest TurnsPro can do) then start [...]

Mobile phone timelapse

TurnsPro can be used with most smartphones (inclding an iPhone) using the supplied mobile phone mount.  Using this you can create your own mobile phone timelapse. There are a number of bespoke APPs around for timelapse, plus new Iphones with iOS 8 also have an app built in. The Iphone built in APP will automatically [...]